IZ8MBW Fabio

Amateur Radio Station in Napoli - Italy
ITU Zone: 28 - CQ Zone: 15 - Locator: JN70ct

Welcome to Fabio Ancona, IZ8MBW Website

The website is hosted on a Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) connected to the Raspberry Pi 3 located at my home in Napoli Italy via VPN on a 1 Gbps Optical Fiber (FTTH) Internet connection. Here you can find my Logbook updated in Real Time thanks to Logger32 and the N2AMG's utility, info on my software that sends notificatons when new LoTW confirmations (QSL) appear on LoTW website (see here), a Weather Station realized with digital sensors connected to the Raspberry Pi and informations how to connect the sensors, my home's Electric Energy monitoring system using the SDM120C (Modbus) + Raspberry Pi and how to install and configure Lighttpd Web Server, PHP and MySQL.
IZ8MBW DX Cluster Node - IZ8MBW-6
Host: dx.iz8mbw.net
Port: 7300

IZ8MBW Real-Time Station Log

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My last 20 QSOs

DateTime (UTC)CallsignCountryBandFrequencyMode
11 Jul 202411:03:45HH2JRHaiti10m28.075630 MHzFT8
04 Jul 20246:27:45VK9DXNorfolk Island10m28.007900 MHzCW
17 Jun 202416:17:555U5KNiger10m28.520000 MHzSSB
16 Jun 202417:13:12ZD7VJSt. Helena17m18.083000 MHzCW
16 Jun 202415:00:23OT4ABelgium10m28.013000 MHzCW
16 Jun 202414:40:475U5KNiger17m18.091590 MHzFT8
16 Jun 20247:48:215U5KNiger15m21.084000 MHzRTTY
16 Jun 20245:21:155U5KNiger20m14.085600 MHzFT8
15 Jun 20246:02:30NV9LUnited States of America17m18.091630 MHzFT4
14 Jun 202410:42:525U5KNiger12m24.912630 MHzFT4
13 Jun 202421:14:455U5KNiger40m7.078590 MHzFT8
13 Jun 202411:10:225U5KNiger10m28.085630 MHzFT4
10 Jun 20242:36:15VP2V/WE9GBritish Virgin Islands20m14.091630 MHzFT8
09 Jun 202420:19:155U5KNiger10m28.085610 MHzFT8
09 Jun 202417:15:155U5KNiger12m24.912600 MHzFT8
09 Jun 202414:24:395U5KNiger10m28.010000 MHzCW
09 Jun 20249:04:155U5KNiger15m21.085590 MHzFT8
08 Jun 202417:16:30EA3HMMSpain10m28.075630 MHzFT8
08 Jun 202417:14:16C31KCAndorra10m28.075630 MHzFT8
05 Jun 20243:27:45YS1CHEl Salvador40m7.075630 MHzFT8

Logbook Statistics

Total 10465 QSOs
Total 7216 unique callsigns
Last QSO on 11 July 2024 at 11:03:45 UTC

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Me and my beautiful wife in August 2012
Me and my beautiful wife

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