IZ8MBW Fabio

Amateur Radio Station in Napoli - Italy
ITU Zone: 28 - CQ Zone: 15 - Locator: JN70ct

LoTW QSL Notifications System - LQNS

I built a software that automatically check the LoTW website for new QSL (LoTW confirmations).
When there are new LoTW confirmations (QSL) that appear on LoTW website my software automatically send notifications on your mobile Phone or Tablet (Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Pebble, Android Wear and Apple Watch) or on your PC (Chrome, Firefox, Safari/Mac OS X) using the Pushover application installed on the device.
The software runs in background on a Linux machine, it can run on any PC/Server running any Linux distribution and on any architecture (x86-64, i386, ARM, etc..).
The software is also able to check and inform you if the new QSLs are valid or not for the ARRL DXCC Awards! So you can immediately know if the new QSL are achieved points for your Awards!!
For example if the new QSL is valid for the "CW" Award the notification will be: QSL Valid for "CW" Award. Instead if the new QSL is valid for the "12 Meter", "Digital" and "Challenge" Awards the notification will be: QSL Valid for "12M; Challenge; Digital" Award.
The software will not send notifications for already Awarded QSL (an already Awarded QSL is not a new QSL).
On clients (Phone, Tablet or PC) the notification app (external to my software) that receive the notifications from my software is Pushover.

Here some example of new QSL notification on Android

LoTW QSL Notifications System

Here some example of new QSL notification on iPhone

LoTW QSL Notifications System

If you are interested to use this software for your Callsign or if you would like to have more info contact me via Email.
I can also run this software for you on my Server if you don't have one.

I don't work and I'm not affiliated for/with ARRL.
I don't ask for money for any guides and info provided, but if you want you can offer to me a beer. Thanks!